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Student and Parent Handbook

First page of the PDF file: Woodland2023-2024Handbook_EnglishFINAL

School Mission

Woodland Elementary is the first part of a two site educational setting for students who live on the east side Costa Mesa. The school provides instruction for students in transitional kindergarten through second grade in classroom settings of approximately 24-26 students.  We offer an extended day kindergarten that begins at 8:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm. Grades 1st and 2nd begin at 8:15 am and end at 2:40 pm. After students complete second grade at Woodland, they continue their education at Kaiser Elementary School for instruction in grades 3rd through 6th.  After completing 6th grade, the students report to Ensign Middle School for grades 7th and 8th and proceed to Newport Harbor High School until their graduation from 12th grade.  Woodland Elementary is committed to assisting students achieve success and self-confidence by providing an outstanding academic program with an emphasis on literacy and math skills.

As a staff, we believe in providing a challenging academic program; fostering success at school; ensuring a safe, orderly and supportive learning environment; teaching high standards of behavior, responsibility, and citizenship and encouraging all students to develop to the best of their potential, academically and socially.  Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum and used as a tool to enhance learning in all areas.  We believe that educational technology helps students and teachers solve problems more creatively and efficiently by developing critical thinking skills by providing students with a means to organize and process information.  Woodland has an on-site before and after school daycare operated by the Child Development Center.  The Center also operates a preschool in the morning. Additionally, there are a variety of off-site day care facilities that pick students up from Woodland for before and after school care.  Information is available in the school office on extended day and preschool programs.

Woodland School Student Expectations

Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success teaches the stepping stones to achieving your "Personal Best."  Woodland’s expectations for its students are based on these and our core values of friendship, respect, and responsibility. Students are encouraged to be their best at all times.

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Use common sense.
  • Use only kind words.
  • Follow the directions of the adult in charge.
  • Complete all assigned work.