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Music Program

Woodland Dragons in grades TK - 2nd participate in music every other week.  Students in music sing alone and with others as we learn songs.

All students at Woodland perform on stage twice a year once for our Annual Holiday Show and a second one in the Spring usually a play we have learned in music class. 

Students in 1st and 2nd Grade learn about rhythm, beat and melody as they sing and play Orff instruments.  These are a variety of different size glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones.  Students in TK and kinder learn about beat and phrase endings and play hand drums and rainbow glockenspiels.  1st graders focus on rhythm and learning different beat patterns, music notes and rests.  2nd graders focus on melody and learning solfege and musical phrases, steps and skips.  All students participate in movement activities which help them to learn creative expression, form and artistic perception.  Students at Woodland are exposed to music vocabulary, such as piano, forte, allegro, adagio, glissando, tremolo and more. 

We are very thankful to our generous PFO for helping to supply us with a variety of musical instruments for our students to play. New xylophones, hand drums, scarves, replacement mallets, finger cymbals and more to come…