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Human Relations Remains a Strong Focus for our Schools
Posted 8/18/21

Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) values human relations and continuously works to cultivate diverse and inclusive learning environments by teaching empathy, compassion, and kindness throughout our schools and the greater community. 


As part of NMUSD’s commitment to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve career, civic, and personal success, the NMUSD Board of Education unanimously approved an agreement with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to continue providing foundational (first year) anti-bias training for employees, and anti-bias peer leadership training for high school students in leadership roles who are interested in participating. 

Since 2019, ADL has provided anti-bias staff and student leadership trainings, focused on:

  • increased knowledge to build safe and inclusive learning environments;

  • skills to address bias, name-calling, and bullying (in-person and online);

  • create tangible action plans to promote inclusion and acceptance to foster environments of understanding and respect.

“I very much appreciate the collaborative relationship between NMUSD and ADL during the past two years,” said NMUSD Board President Karen Yelsey. “The ADL has been a partner in helping us create a program that promotes empathy, compassion and kindness,” she said.


In 2019, NMUSD established a Human Relations Task Force (HRTF). The HRTF makes recommendations regarding diversity and equity to further the district’s ongoing commitment to create safe, respectful, and inclusive schools. 

In alignment with the mission of the HRTF, an implementation plan was developed, which includes action items addressing bias-related incidents and anti-bias education. The approval of the agreement with the ADL’s anti-bias training for employees, and anti-bias peer leadership training for high school students who volunteer for the training, align to the goals and mission of the HRTF. 

Please visit the Human Relations Task Force website to learn more.