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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Please review the following parking lot safety rules: PARKING LOT SAFETY The Costa Mesa Police Department has been actively patrolling the area around Woodland Elementary at arrival and dismissal times. The police will be watching for cars speeding, parking illegally, and other unsafe behaviors. We would like to thank those parents who continue to use caution when driving in our parking lot and around our school. Just a reminder: Never back up in the school parking lot.

Following are the rules for morning drop-off and pick-up

  • Please do not unload students until you reach the unloading area in front of the flagpole and beyond. When approaching the unloading area, please pull all the way forward until you reach the red curb and leave no gaps between cars
  • Please do not unload students from the second lane. One never knows when a parent might be focused on their child walking safely to their destination on campus and drive forward unknowingly and hit a child.
  • Please unload your children from the passenger side of the car. The amount of time it takes to get out of the car, open the child's door, and walk them around the side of the car holds up the entire line of cars behind you. All parents tend to be in a hurry in the morning, yet if we all work together to safely speed up the process; the parking lot will be a safe place for our students before school.   

Rules for afternoon pick-up

  • We encourage parents to park on the street and walk to the school's lunch bench area to pick up their children. If you choose to park in the parking lot, please park legally. Do not leave engine on or children in the car. Please do not wait by the classroom doors as this will disrupt the teacher's instructional program. Teachers will walk their students out to the lunch area to see that all students are picked up after school. 
  • If you would rather stay in your car to pick up your children, please understand that there are two lanes of cars. Parents must wait in line until they get to the flag pole where teachers will assist your children into the car. Do not leave your car or call your child to the car. Honking your horn is very dangerous as students tend to run to their parent's car without looking. The third lane farthest from the building must move continually and circle the parking lot until a space opens for them to pick up their children.

Thank you for making our parking lot safe for our children and families.