Baldikoski, Stephanie Second Grade Teacher
Brunell, Carol Sys Admin
Doree, Mexia Teacher
Fredriksson, Kristin Second Grade Teacher
Gaylord, Mrs. First Grade Teachers
Gordon, Kym Staff
Hall, Natalie Second Grade Teacher
Hemmerling, Fabiola Staff
Hughson, Jenny Staff
Jang, Nancy Teacher
Lambright, Michelle Kinder Teacher
Lenhart, Peggy Second Grade Teacher
Maher, Darlene Teacher
Mayhugh, Terri First Grade Teacher
McGuire, Maria Staff
Montiel, Monique Kinder Teacher
Olsen, Rebecca (949) 515-6945 Second Grade Teacher
Ordaz, Cecilia First Grade Teacher
Peterson, Rebecca Teacher
Pike, Elaine SDC Teacher
Pina, Marcia (949) 515-6945 First Grade Teacher
Pixley, Andi Staff
Roberts, Cheryl Kinder Teacher
Sander, Allison Teacher
Scott, Mary Jane (949) 515-6945 First Grade Teacher
Siegel, Kelly Kinder Teacher
Slater-Tool, Maggie Teacher
Suzanne, Rivera Music
Vincent, Lucia Teacher
Wolf, Suzanne Second Grade Teacher

Welcome Dragons!

The staff at Woodland Elementary is committed to helping students achieve success and self-confidence by providing a challenging academic program with an emphasis on literacy and math skills. As a staff, we believe in ensuring a safe, orderly and supportive learning environment; fostering student success at school; teaching high standards of behavior, responsibility, and citizenship and encouraging all students to develop to the best of their ability, academically and socially. We believe that technology would be integrated throughout the curriculum and used as a tool to enhance student learning in all areas.