Circus Theme

Come one, come all to the CARNIVAL OF BOOKS!

This year you can find a ticket to read at our Library!!! From our big top above the computers to our tiger jumping though fire, there are thrills and chills thorough. Story time will feature many books to support the theme as well as dazzle and amaze our audience (kids!)

Fun facts about circus

1.    The word “circus” comes from the Latin word meaning circle or ring.

2.    It is statistically harder to get into The Ringling Brothers School of Clowning than it is to get into Harvard Law School.

3.    Did you know? Human cannonballs travel between 60-70 miles an hour every time they are shot.

4.    For good luck, some circus performers keep a hair from an elephant’s tail in their pockets.

5.    1793 was when the first circus in America happened in Philly on April 3rd: Pres. George Washington attended.

IMG_1692.JPG exotic-animals-circus-banned-6.jpg IMG_1799.JPG gal_circus_10.jpg IMG_1680.JPG IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1801.JPG carnival3.jpg IMG_1802.JPG