Principal's Message

When you think of parent involvement, do you picture parents volunteering in the classroom? That is one way to help- but research shows that supporting your child’s education at home is even more important. Try some of these conversation starters that will help you stay involved.


            Let’s see what you brought home.  Look at completed work to find out what your child is learning and how well they are doing.  Take a minute to review notes from teachers and send the teacher a note if you have any questions, concerns or comments.


            Describe a book or story you enjoyed today.  This will give you an idea of the kinds of books your child enjoys. Build a daily reading habit by asking what hey would like to read each night. Encourage reading and listening skills by reading aloud to them and listening to your child read.


            Tell me what you learned that you would like to learn more about. Use your child’s interest as a jumping-off point for activities to share. If animals fascinate them, go to the library to check out books on animals or plan a trip to an animal park.


            Other great after-school questions:

                        What’s the coolest thing that happened today?  What wasn’t so cool?

                        Pretend you are your teacher, describe the day?

                        What made you laugh?

                        What was the most creative thing you did?

                        How were you kind or helpful today? Was anyone kind or helpful to you?